Services for Control Panels

control panel design and programming
CAD Design and Layout
Each project begins with a thorough understanding of the objectives. With these objectives clearly defined, our designers can design the control system along with the necessary layout and hardware required to meet the objective. The design documents are submitted for your review and ultimately to the manufacturing floor for construction and programming.

PLC and PC Programming
PLC and PC Programming
At the heart of most control systems lies some level of computer control. TICM has experience with all types of computer control interfaces. TICM can offer programming and integration services for PLC's, OIT's, HMI software for new or existing systems. TICM is a certified solutions provider for VTScada and has developed several water and wastewater applications from the simple stand-alone units to complex networked systems.

control panel instrumentation  
TICM specializes in the selection and/or installation of multiple types of instrumentation utilized within your process. For all of your parameter controlling analyzers such as flow, pressure, level, location, current, and voltage; we possess the experience and expertise to optimize your productivity and stability. Our technicians possess the necessary skills required for quality installations, calibrations, and start-ups.

Wireless System Integration
TICM is a wireless system integrator for Phoenix Contact. This allows us to have the equipment and expertise to perform radio path surveys. We can design a wireless system for our customers based upon the study and then package the radio equipment needed. TICM can provide point-to-point, serial and Ethernet radios  as well as the antennas, cables, surge suppressors and solar power supplies that may be needed. TICM has packaged other wireless manufacturers products so we can offer that service as well.

As a control system integrator, we understand the importance of employing the most economical and efficient integrated solutions. Our people have the expertise in the design and development of remote monitoring and/or controlling applications. With the  advanced technology available, we can interface with virtually any type of PLC or RTU equipment, new or existing. Our in-depth insight and understanding of protocol alignment and networking supports a seamless integration for all types of data sources and telemetry.

electrical control panel fabrication  
Panel Manufacturing
Our manufacturing facility allows us to efficiently handle large and small projects. Our team of experienced craftsman will assemble each panel to our design specification or yours. Additionally, we can refurbish your existing control panel to accommodate process changes, replace out of date components or upgrade the material to meet newer regulations.

control panel testing and debugging
Testing and Debugging
Before any device leaves our facility it is tested and approved by our own certified quality personnel. This extra effort reduces field wiring and start-up time. Additionally, it adds an additional layer of safety to everyone involved in the process.

Field Wiring, Startup and Onsite Services
At TICM we understand the need to get it right the first time. We can provide field wiring to insure a seamless integration of your control system from concept to start-up. This single source responsibility insures you get the results you want from start to finish. Our projects range from a single control device to large scale distributed control systems. The project managers at TICM are available to make sure the transition to the new control system is as seamless as possible. We are experienced at the required pre-planning so the start-up is smooth and downtime is minimized.

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