Markets Using TICM Control Panels

water and wastewater
TICM provides solutions for a wide variety of functions in the Water and Wastewater industry. Our  experience includes, but not limited to, solutions for Pump Station Controls, Sludge Dewatering Control Systems, Bar Screen Controls, Clarifier Controls, Booster and Well Pump Controls, Chemical Analytics and Addition, Dissolved Oxygen Systems, Ground and Elevated Storage Tanks, Integrated Motor Control Centers, Power Monitoring and Conservation, Homeland Security Solutions.

oil and gas drilling and production
Oil and Gas Drilling and Production
Industrial Controls are used for a wide variety of operations in the Oil and Gas industry. Our experienced personnel are qualified to design and implement monitoring and control systems for applications including explosion proof control panels, Compressor Controls, Drilling Fluid Pump Controls, Drilling Fluid Mixer Controls, Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Controls, Tool Pusher Controls, Burner Management Systems, Tank Gauging and Monitoring Systems.

Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical and Refining
You can depend on TICM in the selection and/or installation of multiple types of instrumentation utilized within your process. For all of your parameter controlling analyzers such as flow, pressure, level, location, current, and voltage; we possess the expertise to optimize your productivity and stability. Our technicians possess the necessary skills required for quality installations, calibrations, and start-ups. We also do explosion proof control panels.

Power and Energy Industry
Power and Energy
As a control system integrator, we understand the importance of employing the most economical and efficient integrated solutions. Our people have the expertise in the design and development of remote monitoring and/or controlling applications. With the  advanced technology available, we can interface with virtually any type of PLC or RTU equipment, new or existing. Our in-depth insight and understanding of protocol alignment and networking supports a seamless integration for all types of data sources and telemetry.

Food and Beverage Industry
Food and Beverage
TICM has the resources to serve our customers and end users. Quality workmanship, timely delivery, competitive pricing and friendly service are the cornerstones of TICM's business. Industrial Control Panels can be fabricated and wired to any size or configuration based on customer requirements.

Manufacturing process controls include all systems and software that exert control over production processes. Control systems include process sensors, data processing equipment, actuators, and networks to connect equipment.

Material Handling Industry  
Material Handling
It is our philosophy to fully understand your dry solids handling, processing and packaging requirements. We then present control solutions that are innovative, cost effective and meet or exceed your requirements.

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