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Texas Industrial Control Manufacturing, LLC (TICM) is a manufacturer of electrical control panels for many industries including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refining, Food and Beverage, Power and Energy, Material Handling and Water/Wastewater. Our goal is to provide the finest quality products and outstanding service to our customers.

Quality Assurance

TICM performs a thorough functionality test on every panel we assemble before shipping.

TICM is a UL 508A shop.

Enclosures, Combination Motor Starters,  VFD's, and Explosion Proof Control Panels

TICM can have any type of painted steel, stainless steel or aluminum enclosure fabricated that the customer might need. TICM can assemble combination motor starters of any size or type and can package VFD's for interior or exterior applications.

Manufacturer's Software for Control Panels

TICM has the manufacturer's software for taking off switchgear/motor control centers for Eaton Corporation (Cutler-Hammer). This allows us to provide a quick and accurate quotation and it also allows us to generate the approval drawings in-house for the switchgear or motor control center. TICM can custom design and install any type of control or third party devices that may be specified for your project.

Wireless System Integrator

TICM is a wireless system integrator for Phoenix Contact. This allows us to have the equipment and expertise to perform radio path surveys. We can design a wireless system for our customers based upon the study and then package the radio equipment needed. TICM can provide point-to-point, serial and Ethernet radios  as well as the antennas, cables, surge suppressors and solar power supplies that may be needed. TICM has packaged other wireless manufacturers products so we can offer that service as well.

Programming and Integration Services

TICM can offer programming and integration services for PLC's, OIT's, HMI software for new or existing systems. TICM is a certified solutions provider for VTScada and has developed several water and wastewater applications from the simple stand-alone units to complex networked systems.

Instrumentation for Control Panels

TICM can furnish any type of instrument device, perform start-up and calibration of the instrument device. We also

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